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About the author

Leanne has worked as a writer, designer and teacher, and has combined all of these talents to create ‘Free Me!: The book you’ll write about you!’. She is excited to see her book finally come to life and share it with you!

Free Me! is a guided journal that helps kids realise their creative potential and explore their thoughts and feelings. Leanne believes by documenting our lives in journals, it helps us make sense of the world, our relationships and what we’re experiencing.

She thinks that in a world that is very busy and full of information, making time for reflection doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. But these mindful moments are essential to understanding more about who we are. Free Me! helps kids develop this practice in a fun, creative way.

Currently working as Head of Education at BRG Learning and Development, Leanne is busy designing curriculum for a number of clients who are not just about education but social change. She hopes that Free Me! will also bring about social change – helping kids become more self-aware, comfortable with themselves and interested what makes them who they are.

You can read Leanne’s professional bio on LinkedIn here.

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